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Be The Change


At Ashford and St Peter’s NHS Foundation Trust (ASPH) we are aiming to have a culture of ‘curiosity and creativity’ that is fair, open and supportive. One of the ways we will contribute to this culture for the organisation will be to have an approach to quality improvement (QI) that develops capacity and capability for individuals and teams to make improvements for themselves; and an approach that encourages experimentation and innovation. ‘Be the Change’ is about supporting individuals and teams to be empowered, creative, innovative and always looking for ways to improve their services and the care we provide. Our mission is to foster and support organic improvement activities – by going where the energy is, giving people a basic understanding of improvement skills, and then supporting people in the next stages of the journey.If you are a member of the ASPH team, we hope you will download this app, find the contents useful and get in touch.